2013 Bowman Draft Picks & Prospects Preview

One of the perks of being the official trading card partner of Major League Baseball is that you have access to all of the official events like the MLB Draft.  For Topps, which has seen a good chunk of its business come from the Bowman line, having first dibs is a huge deal.  Topps is actually centering the campaign for its 2013 Bowman Draft Picks and Prospects issue around this year’s June 6-8 draft, the first part of which is televised on MLB Network.

Buxton 2013 Bowman Draft Picks Chrome

Draft Picks and Prospects is an annual issue that releases in mid-November.  It’s the first Topps product that showcases the players taken in the June MLB Draft.

2013 Bowman Draft Picks and Prospects Chrome Base Topps is giving away a trip to the 2014 draft via this issue and will feature a limited number of cards with draft night photos that will be signed by the new draftees.  Redemption cards will be randomly inserted which will be redeemable for shirts, hats and other items from the MLB Draft Studios.

Packs will have seven cards and there will be 24 in each box.  The Bowman Chrome autographs, packed one per box, will be the drawing card as collectors and flippers hope to score a signature from a player who blossoms into a star or is already on the way.  There are a total of three autographs in each box.   Boxes are selling for $110-125 online.

This product won’t be available at your local Target or Walmart, though.  You’ll have to order online or buy at a hobby shop if you have one nearby.

The base set of Draft Picks and Prospects is broken into several tiers including Draft Picks (130 with five parallels), Top Prospects (45 with five parallels) and Rookies (45 with five parallels).  The parallels will include 1/1 printing plates on up to blues that will be numbered to 500.

Chrome cards, issued two per pack will be broken down at the tiers above.

2013 Bowman Draft Picks and Prospects Jose FernandezThere will be one Silver Ice Parallel per box, an insert that also includes red, purple and 1/1 black parallels.

New inserts include Dual Draftees, which feature two players drafted by the same team and die cuts will also make their BDP&P debut.

Toppps is planning to have more on card autographs in the product this year and says it is continuing the Best Bowman Players of All Time series with the blue refractors making a return engagement.

For more of the content breakdown, check out the sell sheet below.  To see cards, packs, boxes and cases on eBay, click here.