2013-14 In The Game Used Box Break

If you didn’t know your sports card manufacturers or your sports memorabilia terminology you might be a little confused by the title of one of the latest hockey card products on the market: 2013-14 In The Game Used.

ITG Used 2013-14 boxIn The Game Used Old Franchises relicIn the Game, the Canadian-based company that specializes in hockey, has revived a product we last saw ten years ago that consists entirely of game-used memorabilia cards. Each pack of four cards has a single, double, triple and quad memorabilia card inside.

While ITG does not have any league licenses so they cannot use logos or trademarks, their products have always done well in the secondary market and I suspect this will not be much of an exception to that basic rule.

When I checked in with my local card shop (Triple Cards in Plano TX) he did confirm, as with many hockey products, he would not be carrying this issue while leading on-line retailers are currently between $125-130 on these boxes.

One of a Kind ITG Used 2013-14Here’s what we pulled:

Single Relic Card:  One of a Kind Jason Spezza. The back of the card states this is a 1 of 1.

2013-14 ITG Teammates Double Relic Card: Teammates Silver: Chris Chelios/Larry Robinson. (1/60)

Triple Relic Card Guarding the Net Triple Silver:  Felix Potvin/Curtis Joseph/Ed Belfour (1/60)

Quadruple Relic: Quad Franchise Silver Evgeni Nabokov/Owen Nolan/Joe Thornton/Antti Guardians of the Net ITG Game UsedNiemi (1/60)

Well, we did score a nice hit on the 1 of 1 card and while the other cards are not quite as good there are plenty of neat hits as well as some autographed cards available.  One could argue that it’s a steep price point for a product that doesn’t guarantee an autograph, but the low print run on the relic cards might make up for it.

You can see the ITG checklist for 2013-14 In The Game Used here and see the thousands of cards and boxes already listed on eBay here.