2012 Topps Triple Threads Baseball Review

by Rich Klein

Triple Threads is generally regarded as Topps’ best running long-term entry into the extreme high-end product line. By virtue of being around for several years, Topps has a pretty good idea what is needed to make a product like this successful in the secondary market. Let us understand that in today’s world almost any product in the $50 per box range which provides a decent number of cards is almost guaranteed to do well out of the gate. Any of the basic Topps products usually sell well even with just one “hit” in a box. Now, Triple Threads is pretty much the opposite as Triple Threads 2012although the packs are pricey, each mini-box contains both an autographed relic card as well as a relic card. And, if you are lucky enough to pull one of the really cool “triple” relic cards, then you really enjoy the product.  After a successful run last year, collectors were looking forward to 2012 Topps Triple Threads.

The base cards in this edition have gotten a bit of a makeover.  They feature full-color photos set against a white background and have a more solid look and feel than in previous years. The horizontally oriented backs have biographical information, a brief informational blurb and seasonal and career statistics.

Each mini-box pretty much has the same pattern of three base cards, two parallels, and one each of the relic and autographed relic cards. The box even says one of the relic cards is going to be a triple relic card. A “master-box” has two of these mini-boxes in them. Each master box is currently available from on-line retailers at the $175-190 level while my local card shop (Triple Cards, Plano TX) reported good sales at the $200 level and also said he had many good cards pulled out of these boxes.

Topps promised more relics this year but the price has gone up a little.

Here’s what we pulled out of our two-pack master box:

1st mini-box:

Base Cards: Wade Boggs, Felix Hernandez, Tim Lincecum

Sepia Parallel (#d to 625): Mike Schmidt

Amber Parallel (#d to 125) Jay Bruce

Triple Thread Relics (#d to 36) Stephen Strasburg

Unity Autograph (#d to 99) Johnny Cueto

2nd Mini Box:

Base Cards: Craig Kimbrel, Pablo Sandoval, Ozzie Smith

Sepia Parallel: Roger Maris

Emerald Parallel (#d to 250): Paul Molitor

Rookie and Phenoms (Numbered as Part of Regular Set) (#d to 99): Addison Reed

Unity Relics (#d to 36) Andy Pettitte

The Strasburg relic is nice but no huge scores here. High end boxes are a gamble and not for everyone but 2012 Topps Triple Threads delivers what is promised and if you pull something really good that $100 spent for one “mini-box” certainly can seem like a bargain. Click here to see thousands of Triple Threads cards on eBay.