2012 Topps Triple Threads Football Box Break

by Rich Klein

In writing about Bowman Draft Picks and Prospects we discussed the mantra about “check back with us in five years” about that product. The other mantra we use fairly frequently in these box reviews is this product is not for the “faint of heart”.  That is certainly true about 2012 Topps Triple Threads Football.

Each “Master-Box” contains two mini-boxes which contain seven cards. That means each master box contains 14 cards and if you buy said box at my local card shop (Triple Cards in Plano, TX), which has sold 36 master boxes at $200 per box, you are paying about $14 per card for the chance of something really good. The owner did not report any autographed relic/book cards or major hits coming out of his boxes.

Meanwhile leading online retailers are currently selling these boxes in the $175-190 range. Let’s see how we did in our box?

Base Cards (#d to 999): Ahmad Bradshaw, Brett Favre, Dan Marino. Hakeem Nicks, Troy Polamalu, Wes Welker

Sepia Parallels (#d to 310): Arian Foster, Tony Romo

Emerald Parallel (#d to 150): DeAngelo Williams

Gold Parallel (#d to 99): Roy Helu

Base Rookie Autograph (#d to 99): Lamar Miller

Rookie Autograph Relics (#d to 99): Michael Egnew

Relics Sepia Parallel (#d to 27) Ray Lewis

Rookie Jumbo Relics Platinum Parallel (#d 1/1) Trent Richardson

Well, anytime a 1/1 is pulled of a popular rookie player you have had success in the box and there is no doubt that we did very well with that pull. When I brought that card in to my local card store the owner’s comment was that my pull was better than anything that came out of his boxes.

Triple Threads has had some issues with chipping and such and I will also state this card is not in “mint” condition but I won’t be returning it for “condition” issues,  as a 1/1 is still a 1/1 no matter what. This is, of course, one of the very best pulls I have ever had from a box and thus that would have been a “win”. But even with the major hit, two rookie autograph relic cards as well as a low numbered relic of a future Hall of Famer (Ray Lewis) to go with the nice mix of base cards made this a nice box break.  Sorry weren’t able to get a photo of this one.  At last check over 5,000  2012 Topps Triple Threads football were listed on eBay.

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