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2012 Topps Series 2: The Online Roundup

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Yu Darvish lefty variation

2012 Topps Series 2 Baseball Buzz

2012 Topps Series 2 Baseball cards have hit retail stores across the country and will start trickling into hobby shops now as well. Here’s what you need to know including links to short print information, box breaks, what to look for in terms of new stars Bryce Harper and Yu Darvish and more.

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Topps hustled to get Bryce Harper cards into their Series 2 product after his sudden arrival from the minor leagues.  Both Harper and Yu Darvish are hot.  Here’s what you can expect with these two:


Bryce Harper

·         Base card is card # 661.  This late add is short printed.

·        Harper also has an autographed Rookie Card. 

·        Online Golden Giveaway…We will be adding special  autographed (#’d to 25) versions of Harper’s Golden Moments Die Cut card exclusively unlocked here.  Look for the Golden Giveaway code cards in Topps Series 2.


Yu Darvish

·        Yu is card # 660 in the base set

·         He has a unique short print variation. Fans know he sometimes warms-up as a southpaw and this special card captures that moment.

·        Yu has autographs in both the Golden Moments and Gold Futures inserts.

·        The Solid Gold Cards are back.

·        Look for autographed and non-autographed versions of his Golden Moments Die Cut card exclusively online

·        Darvish silk cards.


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Collectors were showing off some of what was pulled via Twitter…
“@iscaregoats: @toppscards Retail Rack pack pull. Love 2012 Topps Series 2!!” RT @SWLVguydano laurel
@toppscards Series 2 is pretty sweet… #no-noNolan Martin
Great job by @toppscards of getting Andy Pettitte into the autograph checklist for Series 2! Bolka
Topps is partnering with big league teams on social media to give away autographed cards like this one:
Topps will be giving away this autographed McCutchen baseball card to 1 lucky @Toppscards follower. Check it out! Pirates
Of course the beloved ’87 wood minis are back in Series 2 #collect #loveminis #feellikeakid Company
Darvish, Harper short prints highlight Topps Series 2 … – TBO.comDarvish, Harper short prints highlight Topps Series 2 baseball · Armwood response to … Posted Jun 5, 2012 by Bob D'Angelo. Update…
I think this says “We really hope we pull a boatload of Darvish and Ichiro cards.
本日入荷新商品!!「MLB 2012 TOPPS SERIES 2 HOBBY/JUMBO」ダルビッシュ有投手直筆サイン封入商品!!ノーラン・ライアンやアル・ケーラインの直筆サインも封入!!JUMBOはカートン以上の大量入荷!!ミント横浜店
2012 Topps Series II Blaster Box Break in front of 1933 All Star Program!sportscollectors
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eBay has been very active with its Series 2 boxes, singles, lots, wrappers, etc.  Click here to check out the action.


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