2012 Panini Golden Age Review

Baseball meets American history and pop culture–not to mention other sports– in Panini America’s latest product.  2012 Panini Golden Age Baseball was released just prior to the end of the year, packing one autograph and one memorabilia card per 20-pack box.

It’s another in the increasingly long line of hybrid sports card products still sold under a ‘baseball’ label.

Yes, there are baseball cards in there and autographs, too, but you’ll also get cards from America’s sports, historical and entertainment industry.  There are buy back cards of 1930s and 40s original vintage cards like Goudeys and Play Balls, which will keep buyers breaking cases of the product, which run about $75 per box.

We’ve already written about the Stand-Ups, Secretariat saddles and Titanic pieces scattered inside, but what’s inside an average full box?

Larry Pauley of MLB Memories is a regular box buster and while skeptical early on, he came away liking the product–for the most part.

Check out his review.