2011 Topps Supreme Football Sneak Peek

After making its debut last season, a product aimed at the avid collector market returns late this year with 2011 Topps Supreme Football.  On Thursday, Topps released preliminary information and images associated with the issue, which will cost dealers around $70 per box.

2011 Topps Supreme Montana auto relicTopps promises one “high end hit” per pack and 11 autographs per case.  The 100-card base set includes four parallel variations plus a pair of 1-1 cards, but the autograph and relic cards are what the company is highlighting in its promotional material.

Cases will include four autograph relics, four autographed rookie cards, one multi-player autograph, one single-player autograph plus a bonus of one of those four along with five Supreme Relics.

The big hit per pack will be a low numbered autograph, autograph relic or relic card.

Autograph relic cards will be numbered to 50 or less with parallels.

25 different Hall of Famers are featured on cut signature cards and there will be six-piece relic book cards numbered to ten (again, with a 1-1 parallel variation).

Among the big hits will be the multi-autograph cards including book cards that feature no less than eight autographs inside.

2011 Topps Supreme football is scheduled for release the week of January 9, just as the NFL is preparing for the playoff rounds.  Check out the sell sheet and checklist below and let us know what you think of the product in the comments section.

2011 Supreme Football Checklist