2011 Topps Opening Day Plans Unveiled

Topps will bring its Opening Day brand back in 2011.  The company has released pTopps Opening Day Base Card Gonzalezreliminary product information and images for the product, which is set to debut March 19.

The 99-cent packs will contain seven cards.

Topps Opening Day Under the Lights MauerThe base set will be 220 cards including 13 rookies and 74 preview cards from the company’s regular 2011 base set.

There are insert cards in the mix, many geared toward a younger audience including “Superstar Celebrations”, Mascots, Spot the Error (two cards with different fronts), cards that glow in the dark, 3-D cards and PresidTopps OpeningDay Auto McGeheeential First Pitches.

1-1 printing plate cards and an unspecified group of autographed cards will also be part of 2011 Topps Opening Day.

In case you’re wondering, the #1 card in next year’s set will be Colorado Rockies’ star Carlos Gonzalez.