2011 Topps Inception Focused on NFL Rookies

The only games currently being played between NFL owners and players may be at the negotiating table, but Topps is banking on real action by the time its 2011 Inception football cards hit store shelves. Cam Newton-Mark Ingram 2011 Topps InceptionThe company released preliminary product information on Tuesday as well as some images that may not be entirely accurate by the time the cards come off the press this summer.

2011 Topps Inception is a higher-end product geared toward the fan of rookie cards and autographs.

Each seven-card pack will contain three rookie hits, according to a company sell sheet. Packs promise two rookie on-card autographs or one rookie autograph jumbo patch. The other four cards will be made up of numbered parallels and veteran players.

Topps says that while the current mock-ups may feature players in their college uniforms, “all images and relics will be NFL branded”. That likely means some photo shoots during the NFL draft (if the players show up) and/or during rookie camps in the spring (if they’re held).

Cases will cost dealers $529-545 with delivery dates planned for the week of July 11.

Other highlights from the 2011 Topps Inception issue will be quad autograph book cards numbered to five, triple autos numbered to ten, duals to 25 and random rookie cards done in black with silver ink.