2011 Topps Football Sneak Peek

Dark clouds may loom over the 2011 NFL season, but it’s full speed ahead when it comes to some things.  2011 Topps football is scheduled for release in late July and hopefully the arguments between owners and players will be over.  Either way, there will be football cards this year, and on Wednesday, Topps gave us a look at what its base product will look like.

2011 Topps Chris Johnson

Once again, the company will offer a 440-card base set.  Each pack promises one rookie card with the usual assortment of parallels, inserts and other chase cards.

Topps is hitting the Super Bowl theme heavy in 2011, offering cards that feature legends of the first 45 games, some of them autographed.  Also new this year are some replicas of the 1950 Bowman issue, In the Name Rookie Letter patch cards and Face of the Franchise featuring icons from each team.

Unanswered questions surrounding the ongoing labor dispute may include what will happen to the rookie premier event at which time the card companies usually snare some of the unique autographs they place into products as well as event-worn jerseys and photos for the cards.

Regular packs of 2011 Topps football will contain 10 cards in 36-count boxes that will cost dealers $39-41 each.  There will be 12 boxes per case.  Jumbos will have 44 cards plus inserts, with ten packs per box and six boxes per case.

2011 Topps Football Hobby Sell Sheet

2011 Topps Football Hobby Checklist