2011 Topps Notes: Football Upgrades, Gypsy Queen Auto Shortage

2011 Topps football jumbo boxes are getting an upgrade.

The company announced Tuesday that it would be including two autographs and one rookie patch relic per box.

Cam Newton 2011 Topps rookie patch cardOriginally, rookie relics weren’t mentioned in the preview announcements–just that the base brand product would include  “one relic” per hobby box.

With the news, Topps also released a preliminary mock-up of a patch card featuring the Carolina Panthers’ top draft pick, Heisman trophy winner Cam Newton.

Topps retained its NFL trading card license just prior to the start of the 2010 season after the league initially had left the company out of its plans.

2011 Topps football is set for a late July release.


2011 Topps Gypsy Queen Baseball hit stores last week.  Unfortunately, note every hobby box  include the originally solicited two Autograph and two Relic guarantee (some  contain 3 Relics & 1 Autograph).

Any customer missing an autograph from their box “will be taken care of” according to Topps.  Topps says to mail in the box’s UPC code to  receive a Gypsy Queen replacement autograph card.

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