2011 Topps Five Star Football Preview

Topps has released preliminary information and some preview images for the second edition of a super high end product that debuted last year.  2011 Topps Five Star Football is slated to be released just after Super Bowl XLVI.

Montana Rice autographed 2011 Topps Five StarFive Star drew rave reviews last year, despite a hefty price tag and the reaction was enough for Topps to offer it again, this time with what appears to be a solid checklist of Hall of Fame autographs hiding inside as well as something that should boost sales:  autographed jersey redemption cards.

Highlights for the $350 wholesale product include four premium on-card autograph cards plus one jumbo jersey or patch card in each pack.  Dan Marino Five Star autographThere are literally dozens of on-card veteran autograph and relic cards inside the product featuring some of the NFL’s all-time greats, retired stars and current stars.

See the checklist:  2011 Topps Five Star Solicitation Checklist

…and the sell sheet:  2011 Topps Five Star Football

The per pack details include

·       1 Autographed Rookie Card

·       1 Base Rookie Autographed Patch Card

·       1 Autographed Veteran/Retired or Autographed Patch Card

·       1 Autographed Relic Book or Dual Autographed Card

·       1 JUMBO Jersey or Patch Relic Card

·       3 Base Cards (154 point stock)

Autographed Cam Newton JerseyVick autograph card Five Star