2011 Topps Finest Football Preview

Will there be NFL training camps four months from today?  We can’t be absolutely certain with the lockout still in place.  We do know that everything is going full speed ahead  for 2011 Topps Finest football.

Topps has released preliminary product information, some preview images and a cost breakdown for the late-summer release.

2011 Topps Finest football will feature two six-pack mini boxes inside each ‘master box’ that will wholesale at about $72-75.  Inside, collectors will find a rookie-heavy product that guarantees two autographs.

Numbered rookie autograph patch cards will feature one of 35 selected draftees while autographed jumbo relics will have 20 different players on the checklist including Michael Vick, Drew Brees, Greg Jennings, LeSean McCoy, Sidney RiceAaron Rodgers 2011 Topps Finest football, Roddy White and Patrick Willis.

There will also be two atomic die-cut refractors and two Finest Moments insert cards per master box.

The rookie auto patches will also have 1-1 Superfractor parallels, as well as gold, red and black versions in slightly higher quantities.

Dual auto relics will include Tim Tebow and Sam Bradford while triple auto relics will be one of the major prizes.  Both will be number2011 Finest Football Auto Relic Dualed to just ten.

The base set consists of 90 veterans and 35 rookies.  Vick is card #1 on the checklist.

2011 Topps Finest football is scheduled for release the week of August 15.

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2011 Topps Finest Football Checklist

2011 Topps Finest Football Sell Sheet