2011 Topps Chrome Superfractor Cam Newton Rookie Card on eBay

What has become the year’s most sought after football card is back on the auction block.  The 2011 Topps Chrome Autographed Superfractor Cam Newton was pulled from a pack in Arizona recently. The seller placed it on eBay last week with Buy It Now price of $22,000. The seller was also taking offers on the card, which is a 1-1.  The seller told Sports Collectors Daily he thought he had a deal but the buyer backed out and now the card is back online–this time in an auction format.  The starting bid is $12,000.

2011 Cam Newton Topps Superfractor autographNewton is off to a strong start in his rookie season, proving the Carolina Panthers made the right call in keeping the number one overall pick in last spring’s draft. He’s one of several rookies who’ve made an impact this year, but Newton clearly has stood out.

The autograph is on card, which certainly helps its appeal in the eyes of those who invest in the new card market. Chrome has built a pretty strong reputation for its emphasis on signed rookie cards. The 1-1 Superfractor cards have been sought after and gained a lot of attention in the second half of 2010 when the one featuring Stephen Strasburg sold for stratospheric prices on the two occasions it was offered.

“I personally pulled this card from a box at my local card shop (Phoenix Card Co-Op) in Phoenix, Arizona,” the seller stated in the listing.  “The card was immediately put into a penny sleeve, top-loader, team bag, and is now being protected in a sturdy Topps Sterling box with velvet interior. It is very well protected! I chose this method of storage as it has been said that magnetic hard-cases sometimes have a tendency to scratch chrome cards.”

The closing date for the auction is November 13.  Click here to see how the auction turns out.

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