2011 Topps Attax Details Released

Topps has released details on its upcoming 2011 Topps Attax baseball cards and game.  Several changes are planned for the already popular kid-friendly franchise.

2011 Topps Attax Baseball Batter PoseyAttax has been very successful line worldwide, combining colorful trading cards with a gaming element.  The series began with Match Attax soccer cards, but has now expanded into the major U.S. pro sports.

Some card shops have earned regular customers by having games played with the packs inside their stores.

Some said they found it refreshing to see kids stick the cards in their pockets, totally unconcerned about any future ‘value’ and content to see them as playthings.

2011 Topps Attax Baseball Pack2011 Topps Attax will feature a new design, new packaging, more cards and an expanded game format.  In the past, only pitching and home runs were part of the competition, but the cards will now include base hits, baserunning, fielding and stolen bases.

Ballpark and mascot cards will also be part of the game.

Attax has foun2011 Topps Attax Baseball Pujolsd an audience with parents who see a cheap, safe way to keep kids entertained.  A starter box which includes 29 cards, plus 2 foil cards and a ToppsTown card, runs $7.99.

Refill packs are the price of a regular pack of Topps base series cards, $1.99.   Larger rack packs with 24 batters and three pitchers are also sold.

Topps is apparently selling plenty of Attax products across the board.  A check of eBay shows over 5,300 listings currently live.

2011 Topps Attax will be released in April.