2011 Bowman Sterling Football a Popular Product on eBay

Sellers who put 2011 Bowman Sterling Football on eBay in the final days of 2011 did well.  Or, if their profit margin wasn’t as great as they’d hoped, they did sell their merchandise.

From Dec. 18 through December 30, there were over 6,990 listings for the newly released product on eBay.  5,197 of those lots sold, an impressive sell-through rate of 74%.  The average price for each lot, which includes boxes and singles, was $16.

Sterling has long been a staple of the Topps line and collectors were drawn by the solid percentage of autograph and relic cards Cam Newton 2011 Bowman Sterling autoin each six-pack hobby box.  Four autographs including two autograph relics and a total of 12 relic cards were packed in each box.  Those boxes were bringing $200-250 on eBay in late December.

On December 19, a four box case of 2011 Bowman Sterling Football sold for $932.  The three highest priced single cards sold on eBay during the time frame all featured Carolina Panthers rookie quarterback Cam Newton.  A 1-1 printing plate, signed by Newton, brought $660 on December 21; a three-color patch card, numbered to 15 and signed, drew 41 bids before selling for $550 while another limited edition signed Newton rookie brought $500.

From December 2 to December 30, there were over 8,000 listings for Bowman Sterling Football. Over 74% sold.