2010 Topps Update Set for Release

It’s a challenge to get not only collectors, but baseball fans in general at least somewhat excited about a new card release.

Topps seemed to accomplish that this year with its annual base set.  The card design was simple but clean, the Million Card Giveaway generated a buzz and there was the ongoing Stephen Strasburg talk that resonated throughout the Topps brand thanks to its exclusive deal with the now-injured phenom.

While Series Two didn’t generate quite the same level of interest as the first series did when it hit shelves late last winter, the Million Card promotion kept collectors interested.

Now, the company is set to distribute its 2010 Updates and Highlights set.  While older collectors may miss the simplicity of the boxed update set that Topps produced throughout the 1980s and early 90s, it’s clear that Topps now expects a little more from its end of season brand.

eBay listings have boxes selling for around $60.

Updates and Highlights offers a little of the first two series, plus a fresh wrinkle or two.  And for those who still believe, there’s a healthy dose of Strasburg, too.  What else can we expect?  Paul Angilly breaks it down in the Bristol Press.