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2010 Topps Series II Baseball

T206 cards will be added to the Million Card Giveaway when Topps launches its Series Two baseball cards this spring.

2010 Topps Ryan Howard Collectors are just starting to tear into Series One and Opening Day is still over a month away, but Topps has just released its plans for 2010 Series Two.

Topps will add original T206 cards to its Million Card Giveaway promotion, which began with the first series. One in six packs of 2010 Topps contains a redemption card that can be “unlocked” online to reveal a vintage card that is awarded to the winner’s portfolio.

The first series included cards from 1952-2009. More cards will be added when the second series and Topps Updates and Highlights is issued this fall.

Here’s a closer look at Series II, which will again contain 330 base cards.


· Gold Parallel (330) sequentially #’d to 2010

· Black Parallel (330) sequentially #’d to 59 HOBBY ONLY

· Platinum Parallel (330) Platinum-bordered cards #’d 1 of 1

· Printing Plates (330) Printing plates of the base cards #’d 1 of 1 HOBBY ONLY

· Silk Collection (100) sequentially #’d to 50. HOBBY ONLY

· Black Background (330) WAL-MART ONLY

· Throwback Parallel (330) TARGET ONLY


· The Cards Your Mom Threw Out (58) Inserted 1:3.

· The Cards Your Mom Threw Out Original Backs (58) 1 per box

· Topps Vintage Legends Collection (25) Retired legends featured on vintage Topps designs on which they’ve never appeared. (1:4)

· History of the World Series (25) Inserted 1:6.

· Turkey Red (50 subjects) (1:4).

· 1962 Mickey Mantle Reprint Relic (1 subject) Sequentially #’d to 62.

· Legends Cut Signatures #’d 1 of 1.

· Hall of Fame Buybacks (500) Repurchased cards of Hall of Famers are inserted in packs.

· Legendary Lineage (30) Inserted 1:4.

· Legendary Lineage Relic…Sequentially #’d to 50.

· Peak Performance (50) Inserted 1:4.

· Peak Performance Autographs (30)

· Peak Performance Relics (40)

· Peak Performance Relics Blue Parallel (40 subjects) Sequentially #’d to 99.

· Peak Performance Dual Relics (15 cards) Sequentially #’d to 50.

· Peak Performance Jumbo Relics (20) Sequentially #’d to 20. HOBBY ONLY

· Peak Performance Autographed Relics (10) Sequentially #’d to 50. HOBBY ONLY.

· Red Hot Rookies (10 subjects) Redemption cards for the ten hottest rookies of the new season, to be announced as the season progresses. (1 per box) HOBBY ONLY

· Sketch Cards #’d 1 of 1. HOBBY ONLY.

· Manufactured 4th of July Hat Logo Cards (160) #’d to 99. HOBBY ONLY.

· Topps Attax plus pin code (30 subjects) 1 per pack.

· Topps 2020 (20) Kid-focused foilboard cards featuring the stars of today on their 2020 Topps base cards. (1:6).

· Million Card Giveaway 1:6

· Create Your Own Sketch Card 1:24.

· MLB Logo Man Manufactured Patch Card Continuity Program – 5 subjects. #’d to 50.

· Manufactured Event Patch Cards (50) 1 per Retail Value Box.

· 1951 Topps / Walmart (15)

· 1951 Topps / Target (15)

· Cereal Box Chrome Refractors / Wal-Mart (10)

· Cereal Box Chrome Refractors / Target (10)

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