2010 Topps Platinum Football Review

by Rich Klein

The 2010 Topps Platinum football issue can best be described as a product with a simple but attractive design and an emphasis on this season’s rookie class. When you notice what each box promises and the composition of the set, it’s clear that with Platinim, Topps is catering to those who like to pull first-year cards.

2010 Topps Platinum BreesThe base cards, which at least to my eyes are very well done, feature a full-color photo of the player which is the focus of the card.   The Topps Platinum brand name is at the top while the player’s name and team are on the bottom. The back has biographical information, 2009 and career statistics .  For NFL rookies, college stats are used along with a short biography.

As for the rookie class, 55 of the 165 cards in this set are 2010 NFL rookies–a full one-third of the entire set. Since there are no short prints, every box will bring the collector plenty of rookie cards.

Each box contains 24 packs with 5 cards in each pack.  Topps  promises each unopened box will contain 2 rookie autograph refractors and a rookie autographed patch relic.

Online, the boxes are currently available for between $90-$100 each.  My local store (Triple Cards in Plano, TX) did especially well with this product as the owner has had to restock twice after selling out at $125.50 per box. He has gone through 10+ cases at that price.

So, without further fanfare, let’s see how we did in our box:

Base Set: 108/165 with 1 duplicate.  44 Rookie Cards in the 24 packs.

2010 Topps Platinum Sam Bradford autoRookie Platinum Refractors (Each one of these cards is as thick as two cards): Sam Bradford, Anthony Dixon, Mike Williams

Rookie Refractors (#d to 999):  Jahvid Best (big score there considering Best’s fast start)

Rookie White Refractors (#d to 499): Jordan Shipley (another potentially nice hit)

Rookie Autographs (#d to 999):  Jonathan Crompton

Rookie Autographs Blue Refractors (#d to 599):  Emmanuel Sanders

Rookie Autograph Patches Black Refractors (#d to 99):  Dez Bryant (our third nice hit)

The good news for collectors of rookies is this product is an affordable way to get both nice attractive base cards of Rookies and get some autographs, with the box guarantee of three signed cards of rookies in the box.  Considering the potential of the year’s rookie class, 2010 Topps Platinum really does pack a nice punch.

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