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2010 Topps Baseball Details Set

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Topps has released some of the details on its 2010 baseball set; the first under the company's new partnership deal with Major League Baseball.

2010 Topps David Wright 2010 Topps Baseball Series 1 will ship January 18th and include what the company calls "baseball’s heroes and moments from the past, present and future depicted on array of subsets, inserts, autographs and relic cards".

Topps released its basic design a couple of weeks ago. A sample David Wright card is shown at the left.

The upcoming release will be Topps' first as the exclusive licensed provider of trading cards for MLB.

2010 Topps Albert Pujols Another sample card has been released as well as some information on what will be included when the cards hit the delivery trucks in two months. Topps also says there will be some "unannounced surprises".

Here’s what you can expect in addition to the 330-card base set for the first series:


* Gold Parallel (330) #’d to 2010.

* Black Parallel (330) #’d to 59. HOBBY & HTA ONLY

* Platinum Parallel (330) #’d 1 of 1.

* Base Card Printing Plates (330) #’d 1 of 1. HOBBY & HTA ONLY

* Silk Collection (100) #’d to 50. HOBBY & HTA ONLY


* The Cards Your Mom Threw Out (58) One famous reprint from 1952 to present Inserted 1:3.

* The Cards Your Mom Threw Out Original Backs (58) 1 per box

* The History of the Game (25) Great baseball moments Inserted 1:6.

* Turkey Red (50) Inserted 1:4.

* Tales of the Game (25) Quirky baseball moments Inserted 1:6.

* Baseball Legends Cut Signatures (15)

* 1961 Mickey Mantle Reprint Relic (1) #’d to 61.

* Hall of Fame Buybacks

* Manufactured Hat Logo Cards / 1 per HTA box. 1 per Hobby case. HOBBY & HTA ONLY


* Legendary Lineage (30) Dual cards featuring a great from today and yesterday Inserted 1:4.

* Legendary Lineage Dual Relics (15) #’d to 50.

* Peak Performance (50) Inserted 1:4.

o Peak Performance Autographs (50)

o Peak Performance Relics (80)

o Peak Performance Jumbo Relics (20) Sequentially #’d to 20. HOBBY & HTA ONLY

o Peak Performance Autographed Relics (10) Sequentially #’d to 50. HOBBY & HTA ONLY

* Yankees World Champion Autographs (5) #’d to 50.

* Yankees World Champion Relics (15) #’d to 100.

* Yankees World Champion Autographed Relics (5) #’d to 50. HOBBY & HTA ONLY

* In the Name Relics (66) #’d 1 of 1. HOBBY & HTA ONLY

* Sketch Cards (100) #’d 1 of 1. HOBBY & HTA ONLY.


* When They Were Young (20) 1:8.

* Ticket to ToppsTown (25) 1 per pack.

o First Class Ticket to ToppsTown Gold (25) 1:9


* Value Box Manufactured Patch Cards (50) 1 per Value Box.

* Walmart Continuity (15) Stars of yesterday and today on the 1951 Topps blue-back

* Target Continuity (15) Stars of yesterday and today on the 1951 Topps red-back design.

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  1. I actually had that happen to me last year with a box set that I was picking up from Target. Everything was normal but the cards were like they were from the 80’s with carboard backing.

  2. Brian Goff says:

    Hi: Just opened a blaster box of the 2010 Topps from Target and the cards were different, even from the individual packs that I bought from Target.
    The backs are raw cardboard…while the fronts are shiny…and the Topps logo is different, a throwback logo with a horseshoe design over the Topps name. Is that normal?

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