2010 National Sports Collectors Convention Gave Baltimore Biggest Impact

A recent issue of Baltimore Business Journal ranked The 2010 National Sports Collectors Convention with having the highest  economic impact of any trad show held in the city last year.

According to the ranking information, the events estimated financial impact on the city was $15.48 million.

Runner-up was a pet industry spring trade show ($11.64 million) followed by the Otakon (Asian animation and pop culture) convention and a firefighters/EMS workers event.

Baltimore hosted the 31st Annual NSCC show for the first time in 2010.  The event took place August 4-8 at the Baltimore Convention Center.

About 35, 000 people attended the show, according tBaltimore Convention Centero organizers.

Retailers, downtown restaurants, hotels, rent-a-car companies, etc. were among those sharing in the money brought in by visitors.

The show was generally well received by attendees and dealers.  In fact, the National Sports Collectors Convention owners recently reached out to the exhibitors who voted to bring The National back to Baltimore in 2012.