2010 Bowman Draft Picks & Prospects Baseball Box Break

By Rich Klein

For years Topps has proclaimed that their Bowman products are the best place to find rookie cards and leading prospects for baseball. Nowhere is that emphasis more evident than in the 2010 Bowman Draft Pick and Prospects issue.  This product only has cards of players who were still officially rookies for the 2010 season and some of the leading prospects.

2010 Bowman Draft Picks boxThere are a few interesting twists to this product. Those twists include that the same number of “rookie cards” and prospects at 110 each. Also, all the prospect cards have facsimile signatures except for those of the USA Baseball team. That does make it easier to sort out those prospects who are in major league systems versus those players who may be a few years away.

The boxes for this product consist of 24 cards with seven cards per pack. The current online “retail price” of this product is between $60-65 with my local card store (Triple Play Cards in Plano, TX) reporting he has sold nearly 14 cases at $68 per box.  Those sales figures should give you an idea of the continuing popularity of the Bowman line.

2010 Bowman Draft Picks and Prospects guarantees that you will receive one Bowman Chrome autograph per box and two Chrome cards per pack. Our shop owner reports that the boxes he has sold produced between one and three autographs each. He also said of the couple of hundred boxes opened in his store, every one of them contained at least one autograph.

And how did we do from our box? . As a note there was not one duplicate card in this box; which is Strasburg rookie cardalways nice.

Base Rookie Card Set: 47 different cards. We did receive the Strasburg base card as part of this grouping

Base Rookie Card Chrome Set: 27 different cards

Base Rookie Card Chrome Refractor: Sam Demel

Base Prospect Set: 72 different cards

Blue Prospect Parallel (#d to 399): Scott Alexander

Base Chrome Prospect Set: 17 different cards

Chrome Refractors: Pat Dean, Josh RutledgeBuster Posey

Autograph Chrome Blue Refractor (#d to 150): Noah Syndergaard

Like most Bowman prospects, it will be interesting to check back in a few years to see what the final result of our box was. While we did not receive the three autographs some of the lucky box openers have gotten, it was fun to get a look at some of what the card companies believe are the future big leaguers of tomorrow.

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