2009-10 Panini Threads Basketball Review

There’s a mix of old school and new stars in Panini’s latest basketball card effort.

by Rich Klein

Panini Threads Brandon Jennings Threads is another product in the price range where Panini (formerly Donruss) has truly shined in recent years. This product was issued in mid-December with 24 five-pack boxes and 12 boxes to a case. SRP is $4 per pack and is holding up on line with a box price point between $70-90 as this is being written.

The design elements of the base cards are full-bordered action cards with the player photo as the dominant feature. The Panini Threads brand design along with the player’s name, uniform number, position and team are on the bottom of the card. The back of the card has biographical information, career NBA stats and a brief informational blurb. Many of the players in this set who switched teams in the 2009 off-season were issued in posed shots against plain backgrounds.

Each box states that a collector will receive four autograph or memorabilia cards in each box. Did we meet the stated goal of the box…and what other goodies were part of this rip?

Base Cards: 98 out of a possible 100. We also received six duplicates

Silver Century Proof (#’d to 249): Antwan Jamison

Gold Century Proof (#’d to 99): Chris Bosh

Panini Threads Dan Issel Legends ABA Legends: David Thompson. (Personal note: I grew up in the NY Area and saw the great Dr. J play many of his great ABA games on TV. Seeing Panini pay homage to the ABA is a really class move in my opinion)

Century Stars: LeBron James and Jason Kidd

Generations: Kobe Bryant/Jerry Kidd

Legends: Danny Ainge

Team Threads: Eight different: Marcus Camby, Rafer Alston, David Lee, Elton Brand, Brandon Roy, Kevin Martin, Hedu Turkoglu, Deron Williams

Triple Threat: Chris Paul

Century Stars Materials (#d to 250) Chris Bosh

Rookie Collection Materials (#d to 250) Eric Maynor

Rookie Class: In the words of Panini: "This insert features the stellar 2009 Rookie Class, with each letter of the rookie’s last name within a custom nameplate and signed by the respective future NBA star, numbered to 700 or less". We pulled two cards from this set: #116 James Johnson (#d to 630) and DeJuan Blair (#d to 625).

Panini Team Threads Rajon Rondo When I opened this box at Triple Cards in Plano, TX last week, some of the regular "trading" group were there and to a man they loved the team threads design. Everyone agreed the design which is a die-cut card in the shape of the uniform was really neat and unusual. In addition, the DeJuan Blair card was praised for the great signature on his jersey card.

So, in conclusion, did we receive what the box promised. Yes we did, we received four autograph or memorabilia cards with two of them being signed rookie jersey cards. And we also received 16 other "hits’ for a total of 20 hits, albeit not all home runs, in our box. A truly fun box to open for the price point indeed.

Panini Threads for sale on eBay

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