2009-10 Panini Certified Basketball Review

What’s inside the latest Panini hoops product?

By Rich Klein

Another long-running product in the Panini line, which began many years ago is the “Certified” brand name. The name has gone through some modifications over the years, but is now called Panini Certified.

This year’s basketball set is designed in a very similar fashion to the football product. The player’s photo is set against a metallic background with his team name and his name near the bottom. The brand name is on the bottom. The backs include the biographical information, the player’s name, seasonal and career stats, and a brief bio.

The cards all have a simple yet appealing type of design. Despite all the elements on the card (both front and back) the cards never appear to be too “cluttered”.

Interestingly, the set is arranged in team alphabetical order via division with the set beginning with the Southwest Division and concluding with the Southeast division.

The box, which contains 10 packs and have five cards per pack is currently selling on line for between $80-90 on eBay.

The box also says that the average box contains five inserts and four autograph or memorabilia cards so with that let’s see how we did:

Base Cards: 44 of 150 cards with one duplicate

Mirror Red (#d to 250): Rasheed Wallace, Walt Frazier (Part of the Immortals Sub-Set)

Champions (#d to 500): Rick Barry

Imports Red (#d to 250): Omri Casspi (As an FYI, Omri is the first player from Israel to play in the NBA and was also a special guest at the Panini Jam Session booth in Dallas earlier this month).

Immortals (#d to 500): Wilt Chamberlain

Freshman Fabric Signatures (#d to 399): Jonny Flynn (the only signed card we received out of four hits)

Mirror Blue Materials (#d to 50): Jose (J.J) Barea

Fabric of the Game NBA Die-Cut (#d to 50): Tracy McGrady

Fabric of the Game Jersey: (#d to 99): David Lee

Yes, we did get our five insert cards and our four autograph/memorabilia cards, so although we pulled only one signed card, the Panini box did deliver what the box indicated it would. Nine hits in a ten pack box is pretty solid.

Rich Klein can be reached at [email protected]