2008 Bowman Sterling Boxes May Be Short Autographs

Boxes of Topps-issued 2008 Bowman Sterling may not have the advertised number of eight autographs inside, but the company is trying to make amends.

Because of a manufacturing error, 50% of the master boxes of the just-released 2008 Bowman Sterling Football include 7 autographs instead of the promised 8. To rectify the situation, Topps is asking all master box purchasers that received only 7 autographs to send in their master box’s UPC code to Topps 401 York Avenue, Duryea PA 18642.

In addition to Topps sending out the promised eighth autograph, collectors will also receive an exclusive 10-card Bowman Sterling Blue Refractor Parallel Rookie Set made special just for this issue. Collectors will receive their eighth autograph and the exclusive 10-card set within 6-8 weeks.

Also as a bonus, any collector redeeming a 2008 Bowman Sterling Football Autographed Redemption Card on-line will be eligible for an additional autograph. Collectors will not be able to redeem until Friday, September 5th. The chances of receiving the second autograph will be 1:3.

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