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2004 Red Sox Series Ring Sold by Scout

2004 Boston Red Sox World Series ring He’s 82. Headed for a nursing home. A retired scout thought those were two good reasons to put his ring on eBay.

An authentic 2004 Boston Red Sox World Series ring sold on eBay Wednesday night for a price of $53,877.

The ring belonged to Cucho Rodriguez, a native of Cuba, who spent his final years in baseball scouting for the Sox. He was one of approximately 500 members of the organization to receive the coveted piece of jewelry. It was meaningful to him, but the 18-karat ring brought the old scout something more on the open market.

While willing to offer rings to scouts, baseball clubs continue to pay them in peanuts. Not exactly blessed with riches, Rodriguez told the Boston Globe he simply wanted some security in the later years of his life.



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