1990s Known as Hobby’s Decade of Decline?

In the 1980s, Amerlanche of product.

Then came eBay.  Then came Upper Deck and not long after that, prices started soaring.

It’s all combined for a carnage from which the modern card hobby is still recovering.

“The collecting mentality is that if I collect the cards of a particular player, I want all of them or the potential to have all of them,” Frank Barning, former publisher of The Baseball Hobby News, a popular hobby publication from 1979-1992 told the North County Times. “You want completion, like anything else in collecting. But if you were a Griffey collector, there could have been a couple hundred Griffeys every year, and that became almost financially impossible. The collectors I talked to were totally frustrated. They couldn’t have it all.”

There’s no mention of today’s very strong vintage market, of course, but yet another mainstream media outlet has discovered the baseball cards its writers put away in the early 90s aren’t worth anything, which has led to yet another lengthy story on ‘what happened to baseball cards?’    Here it is, including some more of those interviews with familiar hobby names.