1990s Card Giveaway Attempt Leads to Bomb Squad Visit

You can’t make this stuff up, folks.

Someone in Worcester, Mass., who may have realized that no card store was buying his collection of 1990s sports cards decided to leave them in a box and write “FREE” on them.  Nice gesture.

Except for the part about where he left them.

The box containing what appeared to be several thousand cards was sealed shut and left outside the post office.  That’s government property, of course, and in this day and age, someone thought it may have been deposited by someone with a sinister intent.

It turned out the only thing sinister about it was that at some point fifteen years ago, a collector had probably paid a buck or two for each pack.  Nevertheless, the abandoned box of Pinnacle and other nostalgic cardboard had someone on the phone to the authorities, who, in turn, alerted the Massachusetts State Police Bomb Squad.

Thankfully, they did not blow up the box–although that would have made for a MUCH better story.   Thankfully, the Worcester Telegram was there to take photos and document the ordeal experienced by the box of cards, which has had whatever dignity it had left completely ripped away.