1980 Miracle on Ice Jersey Going Up for Bid

The jersey and skates worn by Ken Morrow in the United States’ 1980 Olympic hockey victory will go on the auction block starting today.

Montreal-based Classic Auctions to put up for bid the jersey Morrow wore during Team USA’s “Miracle on Ice” victory over the Soviet Union during the Lake Placid Games.  It’s the first jersey from a player to be sold at auction.  A gold medal owned by Mark Wells sold for more than $300,000 last year.

Morrow’s skates and gloves from the 1980 Olympics will also be up for bid along with a collection of other memorabilia he’s consigned including the jersey he wore in Game 4 of the 1983 Stanley Cup Final when his New York Islanders swept the Edmonton Oilers for their fourth straight championship.

The Morrow auction will end on Feb. 22, the 32nd anniversary of the game that sent shockwaves through the sports world.

Morrow talked about his decision to sell with Yahoo Sports.