1970s Baseball Cards Define a Decade

The ’70s gave us plenty.  Secretariat.  Watergate.  Bicentennial.  And crazy-looking baseball players.

Gold and Brown Padres uniforms.  Rainbow Astros.  Big Red Cleveland Indians.  White Sox in Shorts.

Call it awful, but the ’70s are gaining new respect thanks in part to the writing of Josh Wilker, an author and prolific blogger about Topps cards from the 1970s.   Give him a baseball card from the 70s and a keyboard and Wilker will tell you a story.

His observations on 70s life through the images captured on cards makes great reading and he’s even got a new book out with the same title as his blog:  Cardboard Gods.

Asylum.com asked him to come up with “10 Pleasingly Hideous Baseball Cards from the 1970s” and the result is worth reading.