1967 Topps High Numbers Short Print Study

They’ve been confounding collectors for years.   Legend has it few of the last series boxes of 1967 Topps baseball cards ever made it west of St. Louis.  The high numbers are tough enough without knowing that.  It’s also home to some highly desirable cards:  Tom Seaver’s rookie card.  Rod  Carew’s rookie card.  A Brooks Robinson card.

Then there are the single prints.  And the double prints.

Topps put out a 609-card set that year, which doesn’t correspond to anything divisible by the traditional 132-card sheet.

That means there was some hanky-panky going on with how those cards were printed.  Theories have been devised in the absence of a real quantifiable collection of surviving 1967 Topps uncut sheets.

Price guides and long-time dealers may think they know which cards are short printed, which are double printed and which aren’t.

But do they?

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