1960 Topps Football Set Affordable–Even in Graded Form

They’re not the prettiest cards in the world, but football in the early 1960s was a tough, gritty game.  The league was still relatively small.  There was no Monday Night Football.  The NFL had but one trading card contract and for the fifth consecutive year, Topps dutifully dishedJim Brown 1960 Topps football out a set of 132 players.

A small group of superstars lived pretty well but a lot of players still had off-season jobs.

The 1960 Topps football set features centering issues that were common to the era and a number of cards have proven to be truly impossible to find in mint condition.

Rookie cards?  Just one worthy of note in this set.

Sounds challenging, but you can put together a very nice, graded set for a much smaller investment than a  lot of other sets.

Kevin Glew takes a look at the 1960 Topps football set for the Sportscard Market Report.