1960, 1961 Topps Graded Sets Bring $55K

A pair of totally graded early 1960s sets brings out the bidders.

Money, patience and time are all critical requirements in the hunt for high grade vintage baseball cards. Piecing together completely graded sets is a satisfying but hurculean task even if you’re blessed with those elements.

eBay bidders got a chance to bid on 1960 and 1961 PSA-graded Topps sets this week. Most cards in both sets were graded PSA 8 with a few 9s throwin in for good measure. No card in either set carried a grade of less than 8. Each set drew 33 bids for seller Kit Young Cards.

The 1960 set went for $28,000 while the 1961 drew a high bid of $27,600.