1958 NFL Title Game Football..or Not?

It’s an old autographed Baltimore Colts’ football, that we know for sure. But did it really come from the famous 1958 NFL Championship game?

Fifty years have passed and Grandpa is no longer around. Those two factors–combined with a little apathy over the last decade or so–have made it difficult to identify the football Darrin Shoemaker owns.

It’s now become a quest for the Hilton Head, South Carolina resident. A memory stirred by the recent ESPN telecast of the 1958 NFL Championship game leads him to believe the ball handed down to him by his grandfather is a game ball from that day. If it does originate from the greatest football game ever played, he’s got something pretty valuable.

The ball is autographed, but not everything adds up to the ball having come from the Colts lockerroom that cold day in December 1958 date, according to a story in the Hilton Head newspaper.

We do know where two trophy balls from the game are…and another big-time artifact from that season. They’re at the Sports Legends Museum in Baltimore, where they’ve got some memorabilia from the game on display and a pretty cool way of showing what it was like for fans watching from home. Watch the story courtesty of WBAL-TV.