1958 NFL Championship Ring Returned to Art Donovan

It’s worth tens of thousands of dollars now, but when former Colts’ lineman Art Donovan had his 1958 NFL Championship ring stolen 34 years ago, it was probably thought of more for its value to a jeweler.  The memorabilia market has exploded since then, but the ring is back where it belongs.

Art Donovan 1958 NFL Championship ringDonovan lost the ring–and two others his wife had made into a sort of charm bracelet–during a trip to Hong Kong in 1977.  It represents what many still call the NFL’s greatest game; certainly one that kick-started pro football as America’s most popular sport.

NFL championship rings are popular, but one from a well-known player in a legendary game like that one?  The sky would have been the limit.

Now 86, Donovan got the ring back thanks in part to some alert friends who spotted it on Craig’s List, then called in another friend who was a former Baltimore area police officer.

He hatched a plan to meet the seller in person and that’s just what happened, although the man who had the ring won’t likely be in any trouble, according to this story in the Baltimore Sun, which sorts out the ring’s incredible journey.