Editor’s Blog: Cool Pants, Honus Visits Braves, PSA Videos

I’m not much for game-worn pants.

What do you do with them?  They’re not exactly a thrilling display piece, unless they’re Ty Cobb’s or something.  But…I’m making an exception for these.

The Baseball Hall of Fame needed an artifact when Eric Young stole six bases in a game to tie a Major League record back in 1996.  His dirt-covered pinstripe trousers are the perfect artifact to illustrate what an amazing feat that is. 
The perfect opportunity came with the Hall’s “One for the Books” exhibit.

Those are pants worth owning.  Or putting on display…which the Hall did on the third floor, preserved dirt and all.


It was show-and-tell time in the Atlanta Braves’ dugout recently.  Long-time collector Keith Olbermann brought his T206 Honus Wagner to the ballpark so some fellow collectors and baseball history buffs in and around the team could get a close look at one.  Luckily these days, players seem to have more appreciation for the game’s history than they did a few years ago.

He shared the story via his Baseball Nerd blog at MLB.com.


PSA has begun to launch new educational videos for collectors to learn more about various aspects of the hobby. The first one is about collecting game-used bats.  It’s in two parts, both below: