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1957 World Series Signed Baseballs Fall From Ceiling

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Great finds can turn up anywhere and everywhere.

In the floor of a kitchen.  On a long-forgotten shelf.  In a box in the basement.

Now you can add another crazy find to the list.

Signed baseballsA long-time maintenance worker at a school in Jacksonville, Fla., was replacing some ceiling tiles when she came across a box.  Too heavy for her to lift, she called the office for help.

When the dust-covered box was lowered from the rafters, out popped some pieces of baseball history.  Included in the mini-time capsule from 1962 was a Jacksonville Suns AAA autographed baseball featuring several future members of the Cleveland Indians, a trophy honoring the Suns' attendance and...a pair of authentic A.L. and N.L. baseballs autographed by members of the 1957 World Series foes--the Yankees and Braves.

Untouched for nearly 50 years, they were accompanied by a photo of the original owner, whose son had brought the items to school in 1962.

There's a theory in how they got there, too.  The amazing story, photos and video come from this story in the Jacksonville Sun.

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