1955 Topps All-American Football Card Mother Lode

Stored in a closet for decades, a stack of unopened 1955 Topps All American boxes has now been opened and its contents dominate the population of high-grade sets.

What would a find of 1955 Topps All-American football card packs be worth? How about several boxes?

A couple of lucky southern California residents know, but they took their bounty in a different direction.

Jim Nahigian has been opening those packs, attempting to assemble six of the finest ’55 sets in existence. He’s already got the #1 set on the PSA Set Registry. The story behind the cards is what’s really fascinating, though.

The father of a childhood friend who worked in the toy distribution business back in the ’50s had stuck them away, impressed by the subjects and the idea of future discovery. They stayed on closet shelves for decades before they were re-discovered, still as pristine as they were some 54 years ago.

Turning down a $350,000 offer is much easier to do when you don’t need the money, but the set-building project has brought dozens of super high-grade cards into the market.

Read the story…and dream of finding something like it.


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