1952 Topps Mantle Stars in Vintage Card Auction

A couple of ’52 Topps and a rare PSA 10 T206 were among the cards sold at Goodwin & Company’s latest auction.

The 1952 Topps Mickey Mantle continues to draw hard-core and free spending collectors.

The card sold late Thursday night in an auction of vintage baseball cards may have set a new record. Selling for $57,601 (with buyer’s premium), the card offered in Goodwin & Company’s "Masterpieces & Uncommon Commons" auction, it is believed to be the highest price ever paid for a GAI 8 graded card, beating the last and only recorded sale by over $38,000. By comparison, the average price for the last five ’52 Mantles graded by GAI rival PSA is $60, 972.

A 1952 Topps #307 Frank Campos graded PSA 8 and featuring the rare "black star" on the back, also drew significant attention before closing at $34,717.

A 1948 Leaf Joe DiMaggio, graded GAI 9.5 sold for $43,180, while early 20th century cards also stayed strong. T206 cards in the sale included one of just 13 cards ever to reach a PSA 10 grade. The Jim Pastorius card offered by Goodwin sold for $22,311. A 1919 T213 Coupon Type Ty Cobb graded PSA 9 sold for $28,891 while a Sporting Life Honus Wagner W600 graded SGC 60 brought a winning bid of $16,941.

Over 900 cards were offered in the auction. For complete results, click here.