1927 Yankees Topps Tribute Card Pulled, Consigned

A Kansas City area collector pulled what has been promoted as the prime autograph card from 2010 Topps Tribute.

Legendary LineupsThe card is a 1-1 Legendary Lineups  autograph book card, allegedly featuring the signatures of the 1927 Yankees starting lineup.  Beckett Select Auctions has been picked to handle the sale of the card.  The collector who opened the pack received a redemption card which he quickly submitted.  Not being a Yankee fan and realizing the potential windfall, he decided to sell.

It’s more book than card, according to the video released by Beckett, with what Topps and Beckett say are cut signatures from the likes of Babe Ruth, Lou Gehrig and their Murderer’s Row teammates on thick, glossy cardboard, separated by paper dividers.

Update (12/24): Despite statements that the card would be sold via auction, as of Monday, Dec. 20, the card had not yet been listed.

Update II (12/27): Attempts have been made to contact Beckett because of numerous suggestions from the collecting community that the Ruth autograph, and perhaps others, aren’t genuine.  So far, we haven’t received a response.

Update III (12/29): Beckett pulled the auction due to “multiple questions about authenticity” according to the company.  However, PSA/DNA, which authenticated the autographs, is standing behind them.  Topps told Beckett it has PSA/DNA paperwork on the autograph cuts.  Beckett has decided to seek an opinion from James Spence Authentication before proceeding with the auction.