1927 Ruth-Gehrig Film Found in Iowa

Field of Dreams was filmed in Iowa, so maybe it’s appropriate that a little piece of baseball heaven be uncovered there.  It’s a three-minute home movie from the fall of 1927 that has gotten a lot of attention lately.  The black and white clip shows Babe Ruth and Lou Gehrig hanging out with some folks during their famous barnstorming trip.

The never-before-seen footage wound up in the hands of a local antique dealer who had purchased it as part of a collection of films found at an estate sale.  He, in turn, sold it to R.C. Raycraft, a flea market operator and film producer from Sioux City.  Raycraft isn’t sure what he’s going to do with the film, but there are no shortage of options.

The clip shows Ruth, just a few weeks removed from his 60th home run, and Gehrig, a 24-year-old rising star, in the yard of an influential stockyard executive whose family received a personal visit.

The exhibition game between teams captained by the two Yankees, ended early when young fans stormed the field.   Gehrig saved one boy from being trampled by picking him up and carrying him to safety and in the film, he’s shown with another youngster.

You may have seen the story on MLB.com or the New York Times, but you haven’t heard everything about the rare video.  The Sioux City Journal has more details about the fascinating little time capsule and a clip of the video.