1920 Photo Shows Slim, Trim Babe Ruth, Brand New Yankee

A rare photo of Babe Ruth just months after he joined the New York Yankees is among the featured items in RMY Auctions’ newest sale.

The silver gelatin original black and white news photo pictures a slim trim Ruth posing at Yankee Stadium.

Babe Ruth photo 1920Our Vintage Photo of the Day has been rated Type I by PSA/DNA and carries a June 20, 1920 date stamp on the back.

It’s one of hundreds of black and white original historic news, sports and entertainment Ruth photo 1920 backphotos up for bid through RMY Auctions, with bidding currently underway.

Ruth, as most fans know, was sold to the Yankees by the Boston Red Sox after the 1919 season.  In return, owner Harry Frazee received $125,000 and a series of six-figure loans which he reportedly used to finance a Broadway production.

After meeting his salary demands, the Yankees watched the Babe belt an unheard of 54 homers in 1920—and 59 in 1921, bringing so many fans to the Polo Grounds that the team was able to construct Yankee Stadium, the ‘House That Ruth Built’.

The auction closes May 14 at RMYAuctions.com.