1912 World Series Trophy in Dispute

It’s been bought and almost sold again in the last three years. Now, if we only knew which collector owns how much of an important piece of Red Sox history.

Today, it would be handed out in a nationally televised postgame ceremony. In 1912, it was strictly commemorative in nature.

In fact, Major League Baseball didn’t present the 1912 World Series trophy to the Boston Red Sox. The team bought the sterling silver piece in honor of highly respected teammate and manager Jake Stahl. Somehow, it escaped the Stahl family and wound up being sold for $55,000 in 2007.

It was for sale again in a Guernsey’s auction last year, but the top bid didn’t meet the reserve and now just exactly who gets what if and when the trophy is eventually sold again is in some dispute. Two collectors disagree on what their agreement entails according to this story in the Boston Herald.