Brandon Steiner Talks About His Start, His Company

No matter your opinion, it’s hard to argue that Steiner Sports has become a big player in the sports memorabilia industry.

Brandon SteinerForging deals with teams and players for exclusive autographs and memorabilia, Steiner grew rapidly while driving prices upward for long-time collectors.

Its partnership with the Yankees is now in its second decade, one which led to the company being hired to handle the distribution of thousands of items from the old Yankee Stadium.

Steiner has now launched its first ever catalog auction, with thousands of signed items on the block.  Many are well beyond the means of average collectors which has led to criticism.

The company has also been criticized for being slow to pay those with whom it conducts business.

It’s been quite a ride for the very driven company CEO Brandon Steiner, who built his brand from the ground up.  When he started in the sports collectibles business, there was no high speed internet, there were no smart phones and not everyone had voice mail.

I had three phones in my office, four rolodexes, and three calls on hold,” he recalled.  “I probably dialed several hundred numbers a day and didn’t stop calling. It was a lot harder to get a hold of people.”

He’s not all about making deals, though.

In a lengthy interview, he talked about the health of the hobby, his feelings for Yankee Stadium, his new business book and how the company’s success stemmed from its ability to connect memorable moments to a tangible piece of memorabilia.

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Q&A with Brandon Steiner, CEO of Steiner Sports