2010 Tristar TNA Wrestling Icons Box Break

By Rich Klein

First, we’d like to thank Mandy Fuerst of Tri-Star for arranging to put us on the Tri-Star media list and we look forward to reviewing all of the company’s forthcoming products.

We recently received a review box of the 2010 Tri-Star TNA Wrestling Icons.

The TNA Icons product is a nice, simple product and each box is serial numbered on the front. With only 100 cases produced and each case consisting of 24 boxes, it’s very limited in distribution– a plus for collectors.

The sales sheet included said you should receive four hits and the math indicates one box should yield one full set.   Each box consists of six-card packs with 20 packs to a box.

Tri-Star includes some big games from wrestling’s past (Hulk Hogan, Sting, etc) to a few of today’s TNA guys (and girls).   It’s the first TNA set, in fact, to have Hogan and he’s one of the driving forces here with a number of different cards produced.  There are single, double, triple and quad autographs inserted in the product.

At the time of receipt, these boxes were trading retail on line at the $65-70 level.

So, with all that — how did we do in our box?

Base Cards: Complete Set 100/100 with 15 duplicates.   That’s among the best collation of any sports or entertainment product on the market.

Gold (#d to 25) Tommy Dreamer

Dual Memorabilia Gold (#d to 50): Rob Van Dam/Jeff Hardy

Sugar and Spice Autograph Gold: (#d to 50): Angelina Love

Autograph Gold: (#d to 50) AJ Styles

So, we received a serial numbered box, got the four hits promised on the box; got a full complete set; and took a little trip back in time to see some of the red hot wrestlers from the 1980’s and early 1990s.  Wrestling, of course, has its own audience but if you’re looking for something different, this was a fun box to open and a great introduction into TNA for those who’ve seen matches on TV.

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