10% Off Your eBay Purchase

Get a free coupon code for your eBay bidding…and some observations about the current sports card market.

If you buy sports cards and memorabilia on eBay (or anything else), this might be incentive enough to do some shopping. eBay has been offering a coupon code for 10% your purchase.

It’s good through the end of the month, so you don’t have much time left. Here’s the link to get the code.

I’m seeing some surprisingly low prices in various auctions lately. The economy is down and Christmas is coming, but there are some really good deals to be had on some very nice pieces if you take time to look. Stuff that should sell for $200-300 is going for half that. Sorry to be vague, but it doesn’t appear to follow any pattern in terms of exactly what items are going cheap but there are a lot of nice memorabilia items falling between the cracks. Auction companies and dealers are slowly learning they can no longer expect buyers to beat a path to their door. They’ve got to let people know they exist and create new collectors through their marketing. There is way too much competition.

I’m also hearing that the card companies are taking a second look at some of the products they had planned for the next month or two and deciding not to go ahead with plans to release them. That’s a bit of a scary thought if you’re a shop owner. New products mean more business, but if those products aren’t selling well, no one wins. I can’t say I’d be terrifically sad if we got back to the old days of just a few new releases per sport per year and collectors who used to buy the shiny stuff decided vintage cards were far more interesting. Realistic? That depends on the attitude of those doing the buying. Much of the newer card market is manufactured scarcity and 1/1 memorabilia or autograph chase cards that just don’t hold interest beyond the current year but if you’re just not into ’61 Topps there isn’t much anyone can do.